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The Melrox Vision

But “No time” and “No Knowhow” are lame excuses (I’m sorry). Your Sales Team deserves better, and by extension your leads and clients.

We want to stop the tendency of Sales Leaders to hide behind their tools, apps, CRM’s and/or Excel’s… And help them realize that Team Crafting, Team Development and Team Guidance are going to become even more important in the years to come.

More and more Sales Leaders are convinced that every lead and client is different, with its own strengths, pitfalls, values and motivators.

Still, a lot of those Sales Leaders don’t use the same philosophy for their own Sales Team… who have to handle these leads, prospects and clients.

We believe that every Sales Professional can gain unbelievable powers when guided by a sales leader who knows their Strengths, Pitfalls, Values and Motivators.

The Melrox Mission

And that is why Melrox was founded!

Our unwavering commitment is to ensure that Sales Leaders have the knowledge, tools, and support needed to create high-impact sales teams.

We understand the unique challenges they face in an ever-evolving technological landscape, and our mission is to help them navigate these challenges and make informed decisions that drive growth and optimizes their Sales Teams for peak performances.

As advocates for the success of Sales Leaders, we recognize the critical importance of team dynamics, individual strengths, and personal motivators.

We believe that by focusing on these elements, Sales Leaders can unlock the full potential of their Sales Teams.

Our Sales Governance Framework

But how can you become a Great Sales Leader that takes their sales team to the next level?

Well, Melrox has made a Sales Team Governance Framework for you!

Based on this framework, we help you Hire, Enhance, Nurture and Retain your Sales Team to reach unbelievable new heights, in Personal Growth and in Sales Performance.

We excel in areas such as Skill-Based Mapping, Motivator-Based Mapping, Team Crafting, Team Structuring, Team Development, Personal Development, Hiring Strategies, Sales Tooling, Workflow Analysis, Leadership Style Guide, Mentoring, Coaching, etc.

With our Foster Framework, we bridge the knowledge gap between the ‘Know Vow’ and the ‘Know How’, and we close the time gap from the ‘To Do’ to ‘Done’.

Your Solutions

So how can we help you exactly?

Well, we start by analyzing your sales team via Skill-Based Mapping in combination with Motivator-Based Mapping.

We developed a unique Sales Scan to map out Individual Strengths, Areas of Improvement, Values and Motivators of your Individual Sales Professionals.

Based on our Sales Scan we also provide several services:

    1. Team Crafting
    2. Sales Development
    3. Performance Enhancement
    1. Sales Team
    2. Sales Leader
    3. Workflow & Tooling

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