Teamcrafting Framework

Team Crafting involves creating a cohesive and capable sales team by identifying individual strengths, pitfalls, values and motivations.

We guide you through the process of assembling a team that complements each other and works harmoniously to achieve common goals.

Focuspoints are Team Structuring and Role Assignments.

Team Structuring focuses on creating the foundation of your sales organization. It entails designing the hierarchy, defining roles and responsibilities, and establishing a clear reporting structure. A well-structured team is more resilient, adaptable, and capable of achieving its goals.

Role Assignments are where individual capabilities meet the needs of the team and the organization. This is the stage where you, as a sales leader, assign roles that leverage the strengths of your team members while aligning with your overarching objectives. Proper role assignments ensure that every member is contributing to the team’s success in a meaningful way.

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Development Set-Up

Team Development is about nurturing the potential within your sales team, continuously enhancing their capabilities, and aligning their efforts with your organizational objectives.

We provide strategies and insights to foster ongoing development, motivation and growth within your sales team.

Focuspoints are Resource Allocation and Development Planning.

Resource Allocation is the art of deploying your team’s capabilities and assets effectively. It involves assigning resources in a manner that optimizes productivity and aligns with your objectives. It’s about ensuring that your team has the tools, guidance and support needed to excel.

Development Planning is the map to your team’s future. It encompasses setting clear goals, defining key performance indicators, and developing a strategy that fosters both individual and collective development. This planning is essential for guiding your team’s evolution in a dynamic sales environment.

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Leadership Style Guide

Leadership Style is a critical element in the equation of sales leaders. It encompasses how you lead, inspire, and motivate your team. Your leadership style sets the tone for your sales organization and directly impacts its performance.

We offer guidance on refining your leadership approach to maximize team productivity and overall success.

Focuspoints are Employee Engagement and Personalized Incentives.

Employee Engagement is the cornerstone of a thriving sales team. Engaged team members are not only more productive, but also more likely to remain loyal to your organization. We’ll explore strategies for enhancing engagement and cultivating a culture of enthusiasm and dedication.

Personalized Incentives are the secret sauce of motivation. Tailoring incentives to individual preferences and performance levels can elevate the effectiveness of your motivational efforts. In this guide, we will delve into the art of crafting incentives that resonate with your team members, driving them to surpass their own expectations.

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Sales Advisory

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