Leadership Counselling

Are you a Sales Manager, Sales Director or Sales Leader of a motivated sales team? Is your team working hard but the results are not forthcoming? Or are the numbers going well, but are you having problems managing your team and individuals?

As a manager, you carry the expectations of the company leaders, as well as the trust of your team. A realistic picture of your own capabilities as a Sales Leader in combination with the knowledge of the Sales Types in your team is very important to be able to manage your sales team in a result- and people-oriented way.

Melrox provides 1-on-1 counselling journeys to Sales Leaders, based on an introductory meeting, needs analysis and our Sales Leadership Scan, from which we can identify the most urgent and most important areas of work in the field of sales leadership.

Some cases:

  • A Sales Director who wanted to follow up and guide the sales team more personally.
  • A CEO who wanted to challenge the sales team and introduce a stronger performance management plan.
  • A Sales Manager who wanted to align his approach more with the personalities of his sales professionals.

Leadership Counselling

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