Strategy Counselling

Are you a Founder, CEO or Managing Partner of a driven and motivated organisation? Is your (new) product or service a game changer but you have no idea how to market it and get it sold? Or is everything going well, but the sales figures do not match your ambitions?

Selling seems simple. They say: “A good product or service sells itself.” Nothing is further from the truth. A well-thought-out sales strategy and GTM Plan is crucial for a successful sales story.

Melrox provides 1-on-1 counselling journeys to business leaders, based on an introductory meeting, needs analysis and our Sales Strategy- and GTM Checklist, from which we can identify the most urgent and important areas of work.

Some cases:

  • A CEO who wanted to bring a new, innovative product to the market.
  • A Managing Partner who wanted restructure their sales framework and playbook.
  • A Co-Founder who wanted to start building their salesteam and attract the right profiles from the beginning.

Strategy Counselling

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