Tip the S(c)ales | Episode 13 – Wim Anrijs

“For me, a healthy dose of ambition in combination with self-reflection and a ‘good heart’ are the basics for becoming a good sales professional.”

“From that basis you can teach the necessary skills!”… Those words immediately reminded me of the great quote: ‘Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills’. And I personally have always felt connected to this! I am therefore happy to see that Tech Sales Leaders such as Wim Anrijs from Rombit are also effectively taking this mindset to heart.

In our last Episode of 2023 with Jan Bultinck from Amista we already talked about awareness and self-reflection among Sales Professionals. And Wim applies the same principles for his team, but also for himself.

I have had the privilege of seeing first hand how he continues to grow over the years by walking the narrow rope of doubt and assertiveness!

Thanks for the great conversation, Wim! I hope to continue learning from each other for years to come!🤘😉

We also talked about:
👉 Wim’s way of leading his sales team.
👉 How to deal with ’the sandwich function’ of a sales leader.
👉 Structure and frameworks for sales teams.