Tip the S(c)ales | Episode 16 – Stefan Debois

🎙️ “What is effective Leadership? For me it is adopting a serving leadership mindset, where you actively support and empower your teams. That is what drives success.”


🚀 Excited to share insights from a recent discussion on optimizing team dynamics and performance! In our conversation, we delved into the importance of leveraging consultants effectively within a team environment while ensuring a balance between internal learning and external advisory.


🔍 Here are my 3 key takeaways:

Interdisciplinary Collaboration: There’s a need for better synergy between consultants, developers, and sales teams. Stefan highlights the value of regular communication and knowledge sharing to enhance project outcomes and client satisfaction.

Empowering Consultants: Pointerpro’s approach involves hiring young talent and providing them with subject matter coaching, empowering them to take their own coaching roles within the organization. This strategy fosters skill development and knowledge sharing, driving growth and innovation.

Strategic Team Composition: Emphasizing the role of subject or domain experts alongside consultants fosters a symbiotic relationship, where internal teams gain knowledge while consultants provide specialized advice, enhancing overall team performance.


I was impressed with the prioritization of engaging in cross-functional dialogue between consultants, developers, and sales teams and how it has been crucial for holistic understanding and effective collaboration within Pointerpro.