Tip the S(c)ales | Episode 15 – Tom Pennings

“No matter how advanced technology becomes, the human touch remains irreplaceable in sales.”


These words are part of my core beliefs when it comes to sales these days.

So I was thrilled to hear Tom Pennings, Founder and CEO of Salesnudge, say these words in our first conversation a couple of months ago.


In this episode of ‘Tip the S(c)ales’, Tom shares his journey and passion for leveraging technology to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

What sets him apart is his unique background—an entrepreneur deeply rooted in technology and engineering rather than a traditional sales career.


We discussed his career, lessons learned, passion for sales and other topics below:

  • Enhancing sales flows for teams.
  • Transitioning from a sales hero to a manager.
  • The lack of personalized training and support for managers and their teams.


Thanks again for our lovely conversation, Tom. 😉