Tip the S(c)ales | Episode 14 – Benjamin De Lathouwer

“Finding the balance between letting your team make mistakes and ensuring they don’t jeopardize critical outcomes—it’s an ongoing process.”

I personally couldn’t agree more with Benjamin! This delicate equilibrium is key to nurturing an optimal culture for sales professionals. Empathy is paramount, understanding both personal and professional aspects. Moreover, knowing your team members strengths, weaknesses and motivators is crucial for continuous evolution towards better development and performance.

Benjamin and I have seen eye tot eye ever since we first met a couple of years ago. We both believe fiercely in prioritizing coaching, training and individual development. And from the things I’ve seen, I truly think he fosters a culture of controlled experimentation and ‘learning by mistakes’ at the Silverfin Sales Force… And this creates an environment where he is nurturing a resilient and high-performing team.

Thanks you for the ‘insightfun’ conversation Benjamin. I know this will not be the last one 😉